The Polar Bear

Once upon a time,
Russia gave the United States
a large polar bear,
which was to be kept
at the Los Angeles Zoo.

A natural, beautiful enclosure

a Polar Bear Park

was to be built
just for the bear.

The Polar Bear Park
would have ice-floes,
and chilled water
to fill his needs.

But while the new park
was being constructed,
the polar bear was penned
in a 12’ by 12’ cage
where he would pace
back and forth,
back and forth,

from one end of the cage,
to the other end of the cage,
12’ back,
and 12’ forth.

Finally the big day came:
polar bear and cage
were brought into the Polar Bear Park,
and I watched the cage door open,
and the bear look out
at his new world.

He stepped out
into the Polar Bear Park.
Indeed, it was magnificent.

The cage was removed.

But then I saw him pace
back and forth,
back and forth,
12’ back,
and 12’ forth.

From Anita Anderson-Evangelista’s book,
Hypnosis: A Journey Into the Mind (adapted).